Industrial CCTV Surveys

D & D Drainage is a family-owned & run company since 1947.

Our vast array of camera equipment ensures we can cater for all survey works. Our company has a full range of Pearpoint inspection equipment and other makes of CCTV equipment. All survey works are conducted in HD-MPEG video format, complying with the latest utility requirements and presented on DVD. Other formats are available on request. Pipe diameters from 32mm through to 1500mm can be surveyed. All written reports are carried out in Wincan survey software.

CCTV Sewer Investigations

Whether you are a consultant engineer, architect, developer, private client or any other individual that requires qualitative information regarding existing sewerage infrastructure D&D Drainage can help.

Drawing on over 26 years of experience and utilising state of the art equipment, D & D Drainage can provide the information you require for a variety of works including but not limited to:

High quality information can be provided in a variety of formats to suit your individual needs.

Sewer / Drain Asset Management

Unexpected sewer and drainage issues can be time consuming and expensive to repair.

Using our in pipe CCTV technology we can perform regular checks on your sewer and drain infrastructure.

This can allow us to identify any potential problems before they occur and enable you to schedule repair of those issues at a time convenient to you rather than having to react to an emergency situation.

Sewer / Drain Location

Establishing the exact location, depth & direction of your properties sewer & drains can often be a logistical nightmare due to aging plans and historical multi layered construction.

With our wheel mounted CCTV, coupled with above ground digital location monitoring we are able to map your sewers and drains with relative ease, ensuring that you don’t accidentally damage them during building works.

For further information or to discuss your individual needs please call to speak to one of our team of experts or email your enquiry via our contact page