Confined Space

Confined Space Entry Surveys

Avoidance is the rule but unfortunately entry into confined spaces is a fact of life and when entry has to be done, either for maintenance purposes or surveying the structures to ensure integrity, you can be sure that our engineers are trained to CS13.BA as standard.

Our service

Our service is tailored to meet your requirements in inspecting difficult and hazardous places, which may involve Confined Space Entry or Restricted Access Areas.

D & D Plumbing & Drainage is a well-established company, with vast experience in surveying, managing and maintaining the industry’s water and waste water requirements.

Sewer / Drain Location

Establishing the exact location, depth & direction of your properties sewer & drains can often be a logistical nightmare due to aging plans and historical multi layered construction.

With our wheel mounted CCTV, coupled with above ground digital location monitoring we are able to map your sewers and drains with relative ease, ensuring that you don’t accidentally damage them during building works.

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