CCTV Profiler

CCTV Profiler / Laser Light Line Surveys

Cleanflow systems profiler pipe measurement equipment.

Structural pipe integrity analysis 1 million measurements every 4 minutes.

D & D Drainage & Plumbing can now offer you the use of our profiler unit. It is a bolt-on attachment that clamps onto our Pearpoint 494 pan and tilt camera unit.

It is used for the purpose of checking ovality and deformation within the PVC pipelines for adoption purposes and checking for premature failure within the pipe lengths installed.

Key benefit to the contractor is identifying areas which need to be repaired or replaced accurately therefore saving on excavation costs.


A detailed survey is given on every survey which has failed the preset tolerance highlighting the areas which need attention; this includes a DVD of the survey, ovality analysis report and flat graph analysis report.

Other applications post rehabilitation surveying providing true pipe conditions prior to and post rehabilitation.

Pipe wall loss due to corrosion and erosion, debris levels within the pipes and loss of capacity.

Measuring intrusions into the sewer.

Measuring joint separation and displacements.